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  • version: 2.3.x
  • updated: 2022-05-13

If you ever heard about cloud storage services like Google Drive, OneDrive, iCloud, Dropbox TeleDrive is one of them, you can upload photos, videos, documents, or any files for free. But, what makes TeleDrive different? We're using the Telegram API, so you can do uploads without limit and free.


Get started by installing all needed services.

OS recommendation

  • Ubuntu 20.04

    Install build-essential with command:

    sudo apt install build-essential -y


Clone the repository by:

git clone
cd teledrive

Access keys

You need to create an application on Telegram first.


Note. Save the access keys in the environment variables.


Next Steps

Next, you can select where you want to install TeleDrive.

  • Virtual machine (Ubuntu 20.04) (difficulty level: high)

    Clone repository to your virtual machine and choose the installation method:

    • Running application with Docker:
      • Then, setup domain with reverse proxy (nginx)
    • Or, running with manual:
      • Daemonize the application with pm2
      • Then, setup domain with reverse proxy (nginx)
  • Heroku (difficulty level: low)

    • Clone repository to your local machine
    • Deploy to Heroku
  • Vercel (difficulty level: low) [Build failed, last update: #336]

    • Clone repository to your local machine
    • Build with manual method
    • Deploy to Vercel

    Note. Vercel doesn't have database service. So, you need to create a database manually in Supabase, Heroku Postgres, ElephantSQL, or any other database service.