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Vercel [Broken]

For deployment to Vercel you need to create an account first.

Note. You need to build TeleDrive with manual installation until the build workspaces step in your local machine.


Get started by installing all needed services.

What you'll need

  • Vercel CLI version 24.0.0 or above:

    Install globally with npm:

    npm i -g vercel


Note. We'll using Vercel CLI for deployment. So, don't need to import repository from Vercel dashboard.

First, login to your Vercel account:

vercel login

After build TeleDrive with manual installation, you can deploy it to Vercel.

vercel --prod

Follow all the steps to deploy your application to Vercel.

You can set up the server variables in the Vercel Dashboard select your project then select Settings > Environment Variables.