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For deployment to Heroku you need to create an account first.

Note. You need to clone TeleDrive in your local machine first.

One-click Deployment


If you want to upgrade your application to the latest version, you can use these following steps:


Get started by build all needed services.

Environment variables

  • Server variables

    ENVnoHide the logs for production, default: develop
    TG_API_IDyesApplication ID from your Telegram App
    TG_API_HASHyesApplication hash from Telegram App
    ADMIN_USERNAMEyesTelegram username of the admin TeleDrive
    DATABASE_URLyesPostgreSQL connection URI, format: postgresql://[user]:[password]@[host]:[port][/dbname][?paramspec]
  • Web variables

    REACT_APP_API_URLnoBase URL for the API, default: '' (empty string)
    REACT_APP_TG_API_IDyesApplication ID from your Telegram App (for experimental features)
    REACT_APP_TG_API_HASHyesApplication hash from Telegram App (for experimental features)

Set up Heroku CLI

  • Clone the repository to your local machine and point to the local directory:

    git clone
    cd teledrive
  • Login from Heroku CLI in terminal:

    heroku login
  • Add heroku as a remote repository:

    heroku git:remote -a [YOUR_APP_NAME]


Upgrade to the latest version of TeleDrive with this command:

git pull origin main # or, staging for the latest updates

git push heroku main # or staging:main, if you're from staging branch